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Lightbulb First Look at Interior of 2014 BMW X5 (F15). Touchpad iDrive Button Spotted

First Look at Interior of 2014 BMW X5 (F15). Touchpad iDrive Button Spotted
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The next generation 2014 X5 (F15) continues its cold weather testing and our spies have spotted the F15 interior for the first time. Below are images of two different prototype X5s, each having different gauges and iDrive buttons. It seems that final designs on those two parts have not yet been finalized and are still undergoing evaluation. The first design seen below shows a larger iDrive button design which features a touchpad surface on top. This dash also features a full black panel display.

Following on the design of the new 6 series (F12/13), 1 series hatchback (F20/21) and new 3 series (F30), the next X5 will feature a large free-standing navigation/infotainment LCD screen. This screen looks to the 8.8 inch panel used in the 6 series and the all new 3 series.

Compared to the current X5 (E70), the new dashboard design has become more driver-centric (angled towards the driver), which has been another design element consistent throughout all the recent new BMW models. It will also be more upright, compared to the current X5's dashboard which angles and curves away sharply from the driver and passenger.

We've also included some new (and older) exterior photos. The F15 X5's new grille design will be larger, wider, and bolder than the current X5's.

Preliminary info indicates that the hood sits flush with the larger/wider grilles. The headlights are said to be trapezoidal shaped and will connect to the headlights - like the F30 3 series (see sketch below from BMW insider Scott26). The F15 will also adopt many of the new X model design cues from the X3 and X1.

The F15 X5 is expected to weigh less than the current E70 X5 and ride on a modified version of the F10 5 series chassis. Expect both diesel and gasoline 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engine options.

The next gen X5 will continue to be manufactured in BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, and will go on sale in late 2013 as a 2014 model.

See our earlier 2014 X5 spy photos and video @

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Current X5 (E70) Interior:

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Sketch by BMW insider Scott26:

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