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2014 X5 xDrive35i Delivered! + Pics / Impressions

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So we recently placed an custom order for a 2014 xDrive35 X5 from BMW Mt Laurel in NJ (Ali = Good sales). So I'll just cover some basics. I am super bored at work and do not want to do any P&Ls and other crap. I'll cover timeline, options, short review, pictures, why we choice what options, what options I would get if it was my DD. If it's too long, just enjoy the pictures lol which btw, I messed up on some interior shot. Also, let me apologize for the grammatical errors cause I know I some and proof reading is hard lol.

Here's the timeline (I know there was a recent delay with certain options):
Oct 28: Placed Ordered
Nov 5-6: Production Began
Nov 14-15: Build Complete
Here it awaits transport from SC to NJ which is relatively short.
Nov 21: Arrived at Dealer in the morning
Nov 22: Picked Up

Here are our options:
2014 X5 xDrive35i (only dual round exhaust, M-sport gets the rectangular exhaust)
Alpine White
Luxury Line
19" Style 450 Rims
Ivory & Black Dakota
Poplar Wood Trim
Cold Weather Package
Premium Package
Rear View Camera
Surround View Camera
Standard Seats (more on this later)
BMW all weather mats lol

So far, we have 150 miles on it and it's pretty badass. The first time I saw the new X5 unveiling on Bimmerpost, I was seriously thinking "WTF is this BULL" I saw it in real life and it was completely a different story. Much hotter! Though we test drove a X5 M-sport (I cannot stand those grills on the M-Sport) but that M steering wheel is super ridiculously nice! Can't wait for it on my next M5/M6GC.

Back to the X5, drives super smooth, love the new NBT navi (I have had CCC, CIC and now this NBT). It's insanely quick to response but more or less, the same concept as CIC, just more UI tweaks and of course, snappier CPU and GPU. The new bluetooth in the NBT transfers a heck lot more information than in my m3 (CIC w/ Combox). It's able to display Chinese characters which is a HUGE plus and it can be done over BLUETOOTH! No more square boxes because the headunit can't decode the words!

Our X5 has 3 modes: Sport, Comfort and ECO. I believe with Msport, you get a Sport+. Sport has a higher shifting point but we haven't messed with it too much yet as it's still under break-in. The is pretty nice, almost up to par with the S550 which is buttery smooth. It's quiet. The cold startup is actually pretty cool for an SUV lol. Reminds me of my 335i. I was startled by it this morning. Had no idea a SUV had such a sound haha.

I would have picked Nappa leather but it seems like the new Dakota leather is much nicer than when I had it in my 335i. It's less grainy but still has grains and is much, much smoother. I think it's also because the leather is bounded on less tightly now. It's a little loose which could give it a better feel. Preference here.

DSC_3815 by Johndong888

DSC_3816 by Johndong888,
DSC_3818 by Johndong888

DSC_3821 by Johndong888

DSC_3822 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3823 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3828 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3831 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3833 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3835 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3836 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3837 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3838 by Johndong888, on Flickr
DSC_3839 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3840 by Johndong888, on Flickr

DSC_3841 by Johndong888, on Flickr

Analysis of Options:
If you order a X5, please do get some sort of line! DO NOT GO STANDARD! You will get those SUPER THIN and AWFUL steering wheel. Another thing is the sideskirts without a Line is pretty bare and ugly. With xline you get the alum running board. With the Luxury, you get body painted accents which ties it nicely together. We didn't go alum running board this time around because in the ML550, it was such a damn nuisance! This was because while the SUV was taller than normal sedans it wasn't tall enough to utilize the running board so every time you hop off of the car, the running board just gets in your way. It sure does look good though. We are happy with the Luxury look and I wasn't quite feeling the xline wheel choice.

We went Ivory and Black Dakota, best interior IMO. The carpets are black which helps prevent the car from getting super dirty. We had gray interior in the ML550 and it did not look good after a few years.

Ivory Leather white gets dirty pretty easily, it's already dirty at the moment due to a trip to Home Depot. It came off easily so no issue there.

All of the cameras are AMAZING for City use. Used it nonstop in Philly yesterday. Great thing. I know BMW will have a parking assistance thing in Dec but it wasn't a big deal because I have that in the S550 and it's not really useful because it takes so long to park. If you apply the breaks too hard or accelerate too fast, it just stops parking for you. Screws everything up and people glare at you cause you suck at parking lol.

Do not get Active steering. The X5 steering is so light, I wouldn't do it. It's almost too light for me.

Did not get Dynamic Damper Control, have something like this in the m3, do not think we would ever need it for a SUV.

Nightvision, have it in the S550, never used it. It was cool for 1 day. Maybe if you live in rural areas.

What I would have gotten if this was a daily driver for me but alas it was not so I did not care:
HK or B&O Sound System
Driver Assistance Package for HUD
Ceramic Controls
Multi-Contour Seats
POSSIBLE: 20" Style 451 Rims

At least Harmon and Kardon sound system. Stock is fine but nothing worth writing home to. We have B&O in the S550 and I have the M3 Individual Sound system to compare, maybe that's why. I like my music a certain way and this includes my systems at home but I am not a music aficionado.

Driver Assistance Package, this as you guys may know now adds an extended LCD on the Instrument Cluster [Check this link if you're unfamiliar] Adds a little more bling and usefulness, being I am a technology man. HUD is pretty nifty as hell no but I was using the car yesterday and having no HUD wasn't bad at all because unless I am truly mistaken, pretty much anything the HUD could display is now just on the Instrument Cluster. I got detailed turn instructions, music ability, compass, and all related info on the Instrument Cluster.

Ceramic Control:
I like less plastic

Multi-Contour Seats:
I saw many threads on this already on the forum. Best way to put this, if you currently have standard seats and you're happy with it, I'm sure you will be perfectly fine with the standard seats in BMW. They are not bad at all but I have been spoiled by S550 and in the M3 so I just personally prefer contouring seats.

20" 451 rims:
These look great in pictures, haven't seen them in RL, heard they are causing a delay at this moment. But I think these come in summer tires so can't do. We went with 19" for all-season. If I were to get a x5 for my daily, I would just swap rims like what I am doing with my m3.

I like my V8s and will not settle lol.

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