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Originally Posted by TankerJoe View Post
Never have seen much purpose in the X4, and X6. Now even less so. Best part of the vid though is the effect at 2:05.
Hah I have to agree with you 100% on all accounts. Is it a car, a plane, or a friggin SUV??? Especially when things like the 5 GT exist (pretty much the same car).

That time lapse effect is friggin sick nasty though. I think America should get back into the "hot wagon" boat so we could see more actual practical vehicles like the c63 wagon, perhaps an m3 wagon, the CTS V wagon, etc. . . Wagons are like taboo and meanwhile "crossover" SUVs are all the rage, when really both types of vehicles fill the same roll with one being dumber then the other (for lack of a better word).
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