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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
The problem is a knock off watch can perform as well as the real think or better if you add quartz movement. An fake m3 at 10 percent the cost surely can't.
I understand, that is why I said perform the same which is what he mentioned.

So you're okay with the company that would unlawfully use the names BMW M3 to brand their car?
I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't care if the car was identical. I'd still buy it and maybe remove the badging. Perfect for a track day toy and to beat around in. If they can build an identical car for 10% of the price, maybe BMW should lower their cost?

I don't think this argument holds water as there is no way you can get the same car for 10% of the cost. Unless this is some kind of shell with the interior and a 3 cylinder engine from a Tata Nano. That is not something 99% of people will think is real. People can tell easily. So fake car does not equal fake watch in analogy.

Luxury watches are totally different in that everything is enclosed and besides appearance, you don't know the difference from the outside. Also, watches sell on brand alone - their actual costs are way below that of the selling price.
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