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Originally Posted by RR-NYC View Post
It's like saying someone is a collector of Van Gough reproductions. There is nothing collectable and there is nothing to be passionate about here.
So the enjoyment in a piece of art is in its value? You can't just enjoy the beauty of the painting?
Do I have to own the original master taped copy of a (non digitally produced) piece of music to enjoy it? After all every other version is just a copy of the original.

Originally Posted by RR-NYC View Post
Coming from a car forum, specifically an M3 forum, I don't understand how there can possible be a disconnect here. What if China started producing a car and called it a BMW M3 but sold it for 10% of the MSRP of a real BMW? To 99% of the world, they are indistinguishable - Would you buy it?
Absolutely...I bought my M3 in spite of it being a BMW not because of it.