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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
So the enjoyment in a piece of art is in its value? You can't just enjoy the beauty of the painting?
Do I have to own the original master taped copy of a (non digitally produced) piece of music to enjoy it? After all every other version is just a copy of the original.
People can and do enjoy art for the sake of art. I can buy a reproduction of a Da Vinci and hang it on my wall because I love art and I like Da Vinci. But if someone else painted the same painting and signed Da Vinci's name on it, it is not art. It is a forgery, a counterfeit. If you can't make that distinction, you and I have nothing to talk about.

Even more laughable is you using music as an example. Music, in the form of CD's, MP3's and the like are made to be reproduced but the are licensed. If you buy a CD, you can make copies all you want and enjoy it all you want. The minute you sell that copy or play it for commercial use, you are violating international copyrights. It doesn't surprise me that you don't know this since you clearly have no regard for trademarks and copyrights.

Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Absolutely...I bought my M3 in spite of it being a BMW not because of it.
You should rebadge a Chevy. It's the same to you