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Originally Posted by jtodd_fl View Post
Nice. The London movement is interesting. Bremont is interesting too. Cool stuff.
Was handling a few Bremonts in Chester (UK) the other week. They feel absolutely bomb-proof. I walked away with the nice hardback catalogue. I think there is a feeling on some watch forums that they don't warrant such high-prices, seeing as they don't make their movements in-house, and a lot of their marketing seems to be aimed at forging a history and connections to industries like aviation, that others genuinely have*.

But I reckon good luck to them. They look, feel and wear great. I think I would...

*Albeit a purely historical one. I mean, who now put someone into space relying purely on a wrist-watch? And how many professional racing teams use mechanical stopwatches? Divers with dive computers... no-one needs a mechanical watch nowadays for a traditional purpose. And even as a back up...let's face it, a quartz jobby would do the job just fine (if not better!!!!) But who buys stuff like this because we need it, right?