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love everything about Rolex controlling their supply. it's a clinic in brand management. also, being that they are family owned and do not answer to the markets they can chose to prefer to be more exclusive rather than higher revenues.

LV and Hermes on the fashion side are trying but their products are too easily faked. you can usually tell when a rolex is fake and honestly i havent seen a fake one in years.

side benefit of rolex managing supply like this is that it helps keep values up. buying certain rolexes can provide a better return than many stocks and other investments. the secondary market for rolex is better than for cars. i've had dealers offer me 40% more for a GMT Coke right off my wrist than i had paid for it 1 year prior because they could make $1,000 off it in 3 hours with a waiting list of people to call.

i hope they continue to do this, particularly with the RG stuff. I daily an RG Ceramic daytona and would love for it to double in value in 5 years like my GMT coke did.

Omega is starting to do the same. in fact, i have been told that in china Omega is like Rolex is in the West as far as values and marketability.

The price for various Speedmasters has doubled in the last few years as well. In Canada you could buy a Speedy pro for $3.5k at an AD, not they start at $5.5k and they pull all the secondary market prices up too. But it still isnt a rolex