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Originally Posted by ny325 View Post
I have a 24 year relationship with a dealer. In fact, weíre on a friendship level. Going to concerts, sporting events, fishing, and so on. My friend is a GM for a highly reputable AD that I purchased 2 SS Subs, SS Datejust, and Cartier. My other friend owns his own AD boutique in Miami. They both said SS Sport models are nearly impossible to get at a AD. Rolex isnít shipping them out. In fact, the Rolex display cases are virtually empty. They were given no reason for the shortage. I went into Wempe in NYC on 5th ave and 53rd. I also have several friends that work there, and they havenít had a SS Submariner in about a year. Neither does Rolex on 53rd and Madison ave. They donít know when they will get SS sport model inventory. I was interested in the Batman, and Pepsi model. Iíve been patiently waiting. Your very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to purchase one. Most of us are still waiting.
I too have a very good relationship with my local AD from whom I've purchased five new Rolex's (Two SS Daytona's, two GMT Batman's and one Sub Hulk).
As everyone has said, the cases are empty. They are actually thinking of redesigning the cases so there are fewer spots (empty) so it doesn't look so odd.
My AD said that he has no idea when anything is coming in. So far, they've only received on new Pepsi and haven't really seen anything else in a SS sport model in a long time.
He told me that Rolex hit their sales goal last year around October and basically stopped shipping SS sport models. Demand when through the roof.
I said, it's basically the same model that Ferrari uses. Produce less than the demand and the prices will always rise!

I've actually moved on from new watches and have moved into the classics. Currently I have a 1971 Rolex Daytona 6263 PN, 1972 Rolex 1680 Red Sub (selling) and a 1973 Rolex 1675 GMT Pepsi. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the look of the new watches, but really love the patina and "story" of the older watches.

In the end, yes, the shortage is real. No one knows what's going to happen.
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