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Originally Posted by Blksnowflake View Post
While a Rolex is as durable as it's ever been, you're in denial if you think any Rolex even with a brushed oyster bracelet is a tool watch. No one in this new watch world of shortages and inflated values is going out to buy even an Exp 2 specifically to go hiking in the backwoods.

This idea of a tool watch is antiquated and something that some people hold on to from the 50's when there actually and literally wasn't any alternative. While in 1955 a GMT was a "tool watch" for pilots, today it is just as useful but by no means as necessary and definitely not a tool watch. Heck, the PP 5711 is supposed to be Patek's sports watch. Let's see how many people put that watch on to go do tool-y things.
just depends on the wearer. I wear my Steel and even Two Tone Rolex doing everything. But my watches I buy to wear. No sense to me having 20-30k worth of watches that arent going to get worn
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