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Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
with the reality of modern social media; I would argue virtually every aspect of life is overplayed... that includes cars, watches, travel, eating out etc...

doesnt mean someone cant still like it...

Ap - ugly
patek - i am not 90 thanks
vacheron - far too niche
panerai - looks like a $5 watch

Rolex - always a safe and classy choice
90 year olds wear patek? I guess it would take me to 90 to save to buy one, haha.

With social media, things are in your front more than ever! spend an hour on Instagram and you'd think that 90% of the population has a $5k+ watch. 70% of the population drives an $80k+ car and 99% of the population travel to some tropical destination every year. Oh yeah, everyone bench 300 lbs and is ripped like a body builder too.

Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Yeah, here's my problem with wearing Rolex these days: Rolexes are primarily a luxury product just like a Louis Vuitton bag ... so CAN i use this bag to hold my diving equipment? Sure. Should I / is it the best diving bag for me? No!

But ultimately I have to let Rolex go because I'm just not a luxury guy - I like hardcore/cool stuff, not luxe-cool stuff.

So, yeah, you CAN wear a Rolex, but it's the dumber choice now, which is sad.

You bring up some good points. I feel fancy watches are more luxury items now. I saw a guy in the jacuzzi recently wearing his two tone Rolex and was shocked that he was wearing it in water. Yikes! Where did this brainwashing come from?

In my inner circle, I don't have any friends who are really watch people.