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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
usually the only people that notice another guys watch are watch people themselves. kind of is that way for most things.
I think that's mostly true. I'm half a watch guy, but I don't notice other folks watches unless it's somehow called to my attention. I find people noticing my watch more than I theirs.

I buy "fancy" watches that I have most recently (past 10 years) bought for myself because I like look which is relatively unique if you aren't wearing the most commonly found one, and I like the cache, and I like that they'll have some value when I pass them on.

To be sure, when I'm in the PRC, I make it a point to also by a good copy of the expensive watches that I'd find myself wanting to wear on any old normal day. I buy here in the States. Which I wear depends on where I'm going. Usually I don't have to worry about it, but I do some mentoring and other stuff that takes me into some rough neighborhoods. I'm not there very often, which is in part why when I go, I don't wear expensive things, even if they look expensive.

When I go to some posh event, I wear something authentic. For a couple of them, I don't have much choice as I don't have a cheap copy to wear instead. Probably the biggest reason I wear authentic stuff at events is because invariably there'll be some social climber there who's just dying to call you out, under the auspices of "social banter," on whether your junk is legit. They can banter on with someone else. I'd just as soon not waste my time talking to them at all if that's all they want to talk about at that time and place.

Now that I've written that, it occurs to me that it may be no less risky to wear expensive stuff to fancy events than wearing it in the hood, but at least at most fancy events I attend there's a good deal of security in the immediate area, so it doesn't seem too risky. I'm sure there're scoundrels around who realize an event attended by 300 one-percenters is a better place to mug someone if the only consideration is the reward reaped for taking that risk...I think you understand...One can always find a false sense of security if one but try.

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