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Originally Posted by speddmn View Post
Have several of these but I saw a Cartier once that literally made me salavate. The knob, hand and face designs are faaaaab
Which one? i'm partial to their classic tank watch and the Calibre ones. I recall back in the '80s or so, everyone and his brother, and sister, and nephew/niece, and cousin four times removed had to have a Santos. And this was the era when Seiko LaSalle was new and nifty, but you still saw more Cartier watches than you did Seiko and Timex combined. Nothing at all wrong with them per se but they had reached Rolex and Tag levels of ubiquity. One's special little indulgences aren't so special when everyone's got one too.

I'll admit buying one too -- I was no different than any other yuppie -- but I traded it in for something else in the '90s.

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