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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
Q7 but if shopping 3rd row only and no-frills the LR4 has (had?) the largest 3rd row available without going into the American SUV (IIRC).
I really like LR4, one of the last true SUV's that is both functional and does not drive like a box on 4 wooden wheels, sadly at 75", I don't think it will fit in my garage.

PS: I was surprised to see Volv XC90 is such a wide vehicle at 80" width compared to 76" X5.

I guess that's all there is, unless I go with a Minivan, anything else we're forgetting? Sounds like Q7 will be up for a test drive, if I can find one with 3rd row, unless it's standard now. I remember Mercedes had a version of Pacifica or whatever Pacifica was based on, why on earth did they discontinue that model..