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Originally Posted by Dirty Cash View Post
So, holding down the lock/unlock on your keyfob or pressing and holding the door handle ridges won't auto fold/unfold your mirrors? Odd, I believe we have the same year and model, and the bimmercode app worked w/o any probs for me. Were you able to code anything else successfully???
I was only able to code the "gong", removal of legal disclaimers, trunk operation via key fob. Main reason I got this is for the mirror fold and M splash screen but no matter how many time I revert back to original and recode, it doesn't code these features. Now my car doesn't even show any sort of welcome splash screen - it just goes into the screen it was on prior to shutting down.

Originally Posted by jonboyglx View Post
Yeah this worked for me as well. Make sure you set the app to "slow communication". That setting helped me a lot in all the functions.
I did this also to only find out how long it takes to code the damn thing but mirror still doesn't fold up.

What I'm doing is:
1. Plug in the module
2. Code via bimmercode
3. Clear errors via bimmerlinks
4. Restart the car to check the new features.

Features I'm not able to code are:
1. Mirror fold
2. DVD in motion
3. Splash screen

What am I doing wrong?
Can I remove the module after coding or should I leave it on?