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Originally Posted by puckybadger
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UPDATE Post dealer assistance

So dealer removed the free roaming socket from my undertray.

Ordered the lock switch plastic cover and agreed they most likely broke it removing the door stuff to install my broken window.

As for the windows the other X5's on the lot had the same issues so the Shop Foreman said it didn't make sense to replace the side mirror housings to my X5.

So they have submitted an official F15 complaint to BMW North America on my behalf and my SA did say I should put the word out because he has had a few others say the same thing but they know me personally and took my complaint seriously.
As I have posted before, the whistling noise is ruining my enjoyment of this magnificent beast. If I put my hand out near the lower portion of the mirror housing the whistle goes away. No issue with the passenger side. What do you suggest?
I put my luggage cover in my garage and use the sunroof now.

I suggest everybody who has this issue go speak to your dealership and ask them to send a PUMA into BMW NA or your region of residency.

Only way we get a real fix is if it's a public fiasco