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Originally Posted by gpjustinn View Post
Wow, there are a lot of issues with the X5! I'm usually on the 3/4 series forums, but I've been having X5 fever lately and am seriously wanting to get one as my next lease, so decided to check out the forums.

How many of you that have had these issues would say it's a deal breaker to get another X5? And do you think the quality is related to the X5 being manufactured in the U.S. instead of in Germany? I would think they'd use the same machinery and materials for all BMW's.

I'm not saying the 3 series or any other model is manufactured perfectly, by any means, but damn it seems like the X5 (from what I've read on this thread) has issues right off the lot!
I have had mine for 15 months with no issues whatsoever. I do agree with some of the design critics but they are minor compared to the overall driving experience and quality. Most , if not all are isolated situations that were correctable. Any car would have some issues if you ask as many owners that are on a forum like this. Compared to my RR Sport (2011) this is a much better made vehicle and the service IS included.