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I went for a 5 hour trip 3 days ago, when I stated the car, the bottom 1/3 of the instrument cluster was blank. About 1 hr into the trip I got an error message that the car couldn't determine the position of the gear shift selector, that it might not shift properly and to contact my nearest BMW authorized dealer immediately. A few minutes later I got another error message saying that my pedestrian warning system was not functioning... I don't have that option in my car. When I got the error for pedestrian warning system the bottom 1/3 of the instrument cluster started working!!?? I then tried to use the cruise control and I got an error the CC system was not functioning and to contact my BMW dealer. Shutting off the car, waiting a minute and restarting didn't help. Shutting off the car, locking it, waiting 10 minutes and then restarting seemed to clear it up, for now. Car has about 3600 miles on it, doesn't give me the warm fuzzy's for the long run with this vehicle.