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Originally Posted by Talltress
Other weird thing also happened yesterday, was in the drive through getting my morning coffee and a msg popped up "drive train malfunction" please see your dealer. I selected ok it disappeared. Nothing wrong with the operation of the vehicle, all gears available etc, nothing out of the ordinary as far as operation went. I went into settings to do a systems check, said everything OK. Could not find any indication of the drive train malfunction msg anywhere. I'm guessing a sensor threw a code then corrected itself? Anybody had that happen to them?
Yes, I've had it happen multiple times with no direct adverse affects. There's a specific stretch of road I travelled frequently this past summer that was a downhill with an undulation at the bottom before immediately transitioning to an uphill left hand curve. That seemed to throw off one of the sensors ~30% of the time. I ack'd the error each time and went on my way with no ill effects.
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