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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
Driving on all-seasons is like walking 24hr a day with a condom on. It's bad during the summer, it's bad during the winter. It's just bad.

You need to consider the car this is on. Its a 5000 pound SUV. We have had the DWS and the summer tires on, we are keeping the summers on due to having dedicated snows now, but honestly I like the DWS better then the summers.

It gives up a little in handling at the limit (yea 5000 pd SUV not a sports car so does that matter) but they are quieter, last a lot longer and are a little cheaper.

This isnt a Porsche or even an M3 for that matter, unless you are tracking the thing you 90% of people will be hard pressed to see the difference.