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Originally Posted by r33
Originally Posted by USAusi
I believe the screws are T20 torx screws. I did the mod today. The previous posts were invaluable, especially the post covering how to unclip the cables - that was the toughest part. Total time about 15 minutes.
I am sorry about that.
I thought that steps doesn't need explanation since unplugging is pretty straight forward.
Just find the pressable end of the plug and pull it apart.
R33 - certainly no apologies needed. Your excellent post, with photos, was what convinced me this was something I could easily take on myself. As for getting the wire clips apart, for my "older" eyes, it was good to have a few clues about how they came apart, especially the lever on the largest connector as my ability to see fine details like that small lever is not what it used to be :-). Thanks to all who contributed to post - I now have a way more usable storage bin.