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Originally Posted by saggo View Post
Do you know if one looses any other functionality other than the snap-in adapter if you choose not to have the Enhanced Bluetooth with snap-in option? I'm thinking in particular about Bluetooth audio etc. I ask since I had an M-Sport demo car for the day that did not have the snap-in option and my Samsung Galaxy S4 only showed up as having phone capability (not audio streaming) when I paired it over Bluetooth.

I haven't ordered the Enhanced Bluetooth option on my X5 for all of the reasons raised in this thread (space in console, a pain to use when phone has a case etc) though can add this to my order if audio streaming over Bluetooth doesn't work without it.
Hi saggo. Not sure. It was a no-brainer for me having a snap-in.
I don't get the 'lack of space' thing..plenty of room for my gum and mint imperials and keep my sunny's in the door side pocket
I have loaded my 'tunes' onto the hard drive.
For me I wanted the convenience and safety of being able to easily charge the phone and not have any clutter around the car.

FYI I used to have a 'hard shell' cover for my phone but got a leather cover which the phone easily slides in/out so that's not an issue either; Sena Cases Ultraslim Classic Case for Apple iPhone 5 - Black by Sena - amazon ~18