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Squeaking brakes on 2017 x5M

I've had the vehicle for 4 months now, love every part of it except for the horrible squealing from the brakes that come when braking at very low speeds (<15mph). I've brought it back to the dealer 3 times now and last time I was told that this is typical for racing/high performance brakes and that my sales rep should have told me this when I was purchasing the car. Totally unacceptable answer...I'm wouldn't have paid 118k for a vehicle that has this issue. Additionally, I have friends that have other M class vehicles (2016 M6) that do not have this problem.
In any case, I understand that the car has metallic high performance brakes and also know that there are ways to silence this god-awful noise that sounds like a garbage truck stopping, every time I come to a stop. The dealer has replaced my pads twice, last time with a set that they claim was part of a service they are flying in an engineer to look to solve the problem. Anyone else have this issue? I'm currently in contact with BMW North America as well and have voiced my complaints. I can't justify spending this kind of money for a vehicle that does this, when there are faster, higher performance cars out there that have solved this issue.