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Originally Posted by Madmatt View Post
I have experience in coding both with E-Sys on my F22 and using the Bimmercode app on our new to us F15.

As to your specific requests I have coded the following using the Bimmercode app and a vGate 2:

Open/close boot with key fob - YES
Close windows with key fob - YES
USB video playback - YES
Open/close mirrors with key fob - YES
Tire Pressure & temperatures -YES

As for these two options:
Backup Camera while driving
Front camera while driving

I had actually meant to code both of those and I have been led to believe it is possible with the app, but I have not myself done so yet. While those are features I would like, the car is my girlfriends and those are not features she wants so I didn't explore those settings too deeply in the app.

One thing to add, the Bimmercode app does allow you to enable "EXPERT" mode which does allow you to code various modules and settings manually as you can with E-Sys, it's just not as easy to use this mode as E-Sys or as well laid out as in the default app mode where you have a simple checkmark to click to activate various features for each module.

As someone that works in IT for a living I would categorize the Bimmercode app as an excellent utility and low risk for someone that wants to code their vehicle with a minimal investment of time and money. With the Expert mode it does allow much more power that comes close to the level of E-Sys but that Expert mode is currently not very well laid out and is harder to use than E-Sys. If you are more comfortable with the somewhat steeper initial learning curve, E-Sys allows more flexibility to make more complex coding changes.

Is the tire pressure and temperature as well as open/close mirrors easy to code via Bimmercode?