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Originally Posted by MD5 View Post

I have a month old 2017 X5 and today I had a problem.

Suddenly, the A/C vent in the side of the 2 back doors started making strange sounds. Its the sound u hear when u turn max A/C on......the max a/c sound comes and goes off. Then again it comes after 15-20 seconds and keeps repeating on and on.

I took it to the BMW dealer service and he said never seen like this and said he needed more than a day to look at it.

Have any of you experienced this before? Am a bit worried as it's been just 3 weeks on a brand new car. Is it fixable?

I had a similar issue a couple of times. In both cases the issue resolved itself upon locking the vehicle for about an hour or so. Speaking to an advisor it is likely a software issue that gets resolved when the computer goes to sleep.