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Originally Posted by DuSh View Post
It's a CPO, I mean I'm only 3 years away from been out of warranty anyway, but just wanted to know what exactly needs to be done at what mileage. I previously had e90 and there was a very good official list of what needs to be changed on what mileage. We knew for example that 60k maintenance was priciest due to belts and other stuff requiring change. So everyone was prepared when going into dealership. I just don't like surprises

It looks like now we are at the mercy of dealership as I can't find any maintenance schedule and even my manual has nothing like that - it only says to go for a service when car electronics say to go I can go and only pay for oil/filter or I can go and be surprised at the $1-2k bill for something big to be changed. Would be good to know what to expect at what mileage for 50i
I know with my daughters 2014 siena that she bought CPO from a toyota dealer they are requiring her to do maintenance there for the first year. After that the remaining few years left of the actually toyota warranty I plan to let my local repair shop do the maintenance and save the documentation.

I took the $1,1000 maintenance policy with my 2016 X5 purchase in feb as it covers a brake renew (I trailer a boat which is hard on the pads), $135 oil changes and wiper blades, filters etc.

But my wifes 2014 audi we brought it to the audi dealer for the last oil change. And I too was thinking of using my repair guy who I've used for 15 years with my other cars so I'd like to know the answer to your question too!.

One other thought is . . . if they hit you with a big surprise potential bill when you bring it in for an oil change just sign the bottom of the work order that you need to be notified of anything over an oil change before the work is done. If they estimate a $1,000 necessary maintenance item that needs to be done . . . it doesn't mean you have to let them do it there!

These dealerships, goodyear, firestone, pep boys etc bank on them coming out with their clip boards while the sheep are sitting in the waiting room and hitting them with the upsells. The average sheep says "OK go ahead with it".

They all know exactly how much revenue each bay has to generate. This is why the average sheep brings their car in for an oil change and walks out with a $300 plus bill. There is always something that needs to be done on a car!

I'm always amazed when I'm sitting in a dealership waiting room and I hear "ok go ahead with it" . . . yikes. Its always the unnecessary fuel system jets flush or the hard to change yourself gas filter thats designed purposely to be under the car etc.