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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
Driving on all-seasons is like walking 24hr a day with a condom on. It's bad during the summer, it's bad during the winter. It's just bad.

Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
LOL ...

So true ..all seasons are no seasons... this forum has an unhealthy obsession with all seasons and oem parts
This crap again!?!?

Some people lack updated knowledge and believe that all A/S tires are still crappy, like most used to be a long time ago, despite huge improvements over time.
Cheap A/S tires might still crappy, but high performance A/S tires are quite awesome for summer time use, these days.
I still recommend dedicated winter only tires, if you deal with snow and ice in the winter, due to their even better grip...

The above condom analogy might have had a point 20yrs ago...
Time to get with the times, and not live in the past!!

The only unhealthy "obsessions" in this "room" is the refusal to read what tire manufactures suggest based on their extensive testing, while acting like it gives one a hard-on talking crap about all A/S tires and being derogatory against people who successfully use them...

Also some people have a weak understanding about summers only and minimum temps for them to not turn into one of the shittiest tires they have ever driven on. Cold summer tires and cold weather (not winter, just below 40-45), can be quite unsafe due to the rubber compound being too hard, almost plastic instead of grippy.

To make it more understandable for certain people here; Driving on summer tires when it is under 45F, could be compared to using 5 layered condoms at the same time. Might make you believe you are big and mighty, but you won't feel much...
Switch to winter tires too early, and you will wear them down a lot faster than you need to.

Now, if I raced my X5, or lived in FL, I would use summers only tires.
Summers only definitely has their place, and advantages when used properly.

However, I live in a 4 season climate, I drive on the streets, and chose to use high performance A/S tires for the summer time. This makes sure I don't have to risk really shitty grip when it dips below 40-45, during some fall nights before I install my dedicated winter tires, or if I switch to summer set up in the spring, and we get a cold snap.
It also shortens the season I have to drive with winters only, on dry roads.

If you have ever tried to brake hard with summer only tires that are not up to temp yet on a cold day, you will know what I'm talking about.
If you don't believe me, how about reading what says about it:

Back to the question about what tires to get:
My set of 20" Pilot Sport A/S 3's now have a few thousand miles on them, and they handle great, are not noisy, and ride is much better than the stock tires on 19" rims ever was.
I have taken a few sweeping turns at high speed and grip is just phenomenal! I have tried breaking hard, and do they ever grab. Grip is good even when breaking hard with a trailer behind.
Thus; I have a lot of confidence in these tires.

So based on my limited use, and positive experience with Michelin tires in the past, I would highly recommend the Pilot Sport A/S 3's.
Though, not until I have a full season of use with them on the X5, will I be able to give proper feedback..

Anyway: is a great resource when it comes to customer reviews. I recommend reading those reviews, before buying any tire!