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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
If you will spend less time typing the messages to long to read and do some actual stuff, you might be able to afford two good sets of summer and winter tyres.
Wow, you just don't get it.. (but I was expecting a reply from you, since...)
FYI: I have some awesome 19" Michelin winter tires, and I have some awesome 20" Michelin A/S tires for summer use.

Though as I'm sure you already guessed, I had to sell a kidney, so I could afford a second set of tires, rims and TPMS, since I'm just a dirt poor poser driving a BMW my parents bought for me. (OK, sometimes I can say shit that is not based on reality too!)

The fact that you make this a question about what I "...might be able to afford...", shows how little you grasp of what I wrote, and how little you know of me...
The fact that you claim it is "to(o) long to read" Shows me you don't take the time to actually read things, while I do, and thus I simply know more than you do!

My input is here to help others with their decision in buying good tires, you are here spouting an outdated opinion, and provide little of facts to back it up.

I humbly suggest you take the time to actually read up on the matter, and then come back to the discussion.