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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
After many years about repeating myself on this forum why all-seasons are not a great choice - I donít care anymore. Use logic, make your own research... or just follow a bad advice of a random dude.

Are all seasons the best choice, no dedicated winter/summer is.

That being said that is not a choice for everyone, so instead of just knocking A/S help the OP with a choice.

For a daily driver a high performance all season is more than enough tire and will last a ton longer.

Its an X5 for god sake, its not even an X5M, people act like they are on the ring every weekend with these things.

OP you will be fine with either the Michelins or the DWS, buy them and stop overthinking. If you dont like them buy something else when they wear or just sell them.