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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
After many years about repeating myself on this forum why all-seasons are not a great choice - I donít care anymore. Use logic, make your own research... or just follow a bad advice of a random dude.
You are as much of a random dude as anyone else here.
I might write long posts about this, but I'm trying to help you understand the fault in your logic. I still care, I'm not a quitter...

You and I have been sparring about this before, and as you might remember, I have always agreed summer only tires are the best choice for summer time on a summer only car.
It's kind of funny though! I used to have the same opinion as you, when it comes to A/S tires. However, as I have learned more about them as they have constantly been improving, my opinion has also evolved...

My recommendations are based on dealing with 4 seasons, and I have stated this to you before.
You still act like this is a black and white, 2 seasons only situation, and all A/S tires are the same crappy stuff from many years ago, when you started repeating your opinion. So you are missing the point I'm making!

Dedicated summer only tires, are great for one of those seasons, and can really suck during two, and will definitely suck during the 4th (winter)

Just like I won't recommend using winter tires in the summertime, because the rubber compounds are not made for the heat. I can't recommend using summer time only tires, during the 2 seasons in between summer and winter, because they can be outright dangerous during certain weather conditions. Neither do I recommend driving on winter tires for 8 months of the year.

I have brought up a the many reasons for my opinion with explanations, while you are still not backing up your opinion with any data showing why you are right. There is only an assumption from your side, that we should unequivocally believe in your opinion because you have been "repeating" yourself for years.
At least I added links to what states, to back up my thoughts on this matter.
Did you click the link and read the info in regards to cold temp performance of summer only tires, I provided in a previous reply?

Anyhow, using your logic, I believe I would actually have to recommend having 3 sets of tires. Summer only for the summer months. A/S tires for the in between months, and winters for the actual winter months.
But who wants to change tires 4 times a year?

Thus I have pointed out that huge improvements in tire compound technology, makes high performance A/S tires, a good choice for an X5 to use, during 3 of the seasons.