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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDrivingManiac View Post
Exactly! It's a 2.5 ton car and the most important number, at least for me, is a braking distance. Which is much lower on the summer tyres compared to A/S in any conditions above +10C.

So what else to discuss here?
If we should get really picky. Are you using heavy OEM wheels?
Do you know that you can decrease your braking distance with lighter wheels, less rotational mass to stop spinning!!

Example, the popular 469 wheels weighs around 35-36lbs each, together with tires you are looking at around 70-75lbs.
My spun forged wheels are around 15-20% lighter than the 469's, and most of the difference is in the barrel (furthest out part of the rim). This might mitigate the small difference in braking distance between a high performance A/S tire and a summer tire.

What else. Well I still agree you have a point with summer tires having better grip in the summer time. To help you with your argument, I suggest you also read up on better wet performance with summer tires vs A/S tires, and not be so focused on just braking distance.
Hey, I'm just trying be helpful, and suggest another point you can use to further your case!

Still, in the big pictures and in the case of the X5, unless I race and/or drive like a maniac during the summer months, I prefer to have really great traction with A/S tires during the 3 "not winter" seasons, over having slightly better traction in the summer time only.

Anyway; From a not "some random dude":

Some more interesting info:

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