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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post
I think I did it with the car running to ensure they're open. If you turn the car off, they may close again. I doubt if you turned the car off it S+, that when it started they would be open. At minimum it'd close them on start up again.

Just try with the vehicle running. This will keep them open permanently. It's important to remember that even when in S+, they're not just open all the time. They open and close based on revs. So this is the only way to keep them open.
I know when I start the car when cold .. it seems louder then normal ~ 1300 rpm. Are the valves open? I here low rumble and throaty revs. Once the car is warmed up, the idle drops to ~ 800 rpm. But if I rev to 1300 rpm, I no longer have the deep low rumble.